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Employee Health Center Closed Permanently

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Employee Health Center Closed Permanently

Effective Thursday, Dec. 21, 2023, the ParTNers Health & Wellness Center, located in downtown Nashville on the third floor of the Tennessee Tower, closed permanently.


Several events led the Department of Finance & Administration and Benefits Administration to make the difficult decision to close the ParTNers Center. The biggest factor was the shift from many employees working downtown to working from home, greatly reducing the number of employees using the ParTNers Center.


Benefits Administration and Connectus Health are here to help you if you used the ParTNers Center as your primary care provider, for chronic condition management, for weight management or for allergy shots and need your medical records.


You can reach Connectus Health at 615-292-9770 to request a copy of your medical records be sent to your health care provider or to request a copy for yourself. Connectus Health is also available to provide quality, in-network health care services at any of their three convenient Nashville locations (


Benefits Administration remains committed to providing comprehensive, affordable, dependable and sustainable benefits and is available to assist you by email at or by telephone at 615-741-3590.

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