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Do I need a flu shot this year?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Chris Aliviado

With the world focused on COVID-19, getting a flu shot may seem a bit less important. Not so fast!

The answer to the question, “Do I need a shot this year?” is a resounding “Yes!” Health officials say the pandemic makes vaccinations for flu (and pneumonia if recommended by your doctor) more important than ever.

It's not too late

You can still get a FREE flu shot in the ParTNers Center by appointment. Other options for getting a shot are listed here.

While the past year has been full of uncertainties, the importance of getting a flu shot has not changed:

The risk remains

Even though the pandemic continues to dominate the headlines, flu is still here and still a dangerous illness — especially for older people and those with chronic conditions.

The “every year” rule still applies

As we’ve always said, you need a flu shot every year to be protected. Why? In the months leading up to flu season, experts work hard to match the flu vaccine to the ever-changing flu strains in circulation. The closer the vaccine matches the strain, the more a shot will protect you that year.

The greater good

It’s common knowledge that flu and pneumonia shots can help keep you healthy — and help protect those around you. This year there’s even more at stake. A well-vaccinated public will keep more people out of the doctor’s office (or hospital!) and free up medical resources that might be needed for future COVID cases.

Your annual flu shot is FREE!

And remember, the ParTNers Center can also help you get up to date on other vaccinations, including pneumonia, TDaP (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis), TB skin test, shingles, HPV (human papilloma virus), and Hepatitis B. Visit for more information on our services. Or call us at 615-741-1709.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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