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Earn $$$ and take steps toward better health?

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

You can do BOTH at the ParTNers Center!

That’s right. You can earn some of the cash incentives available through the wellness program at the ParTNers Center. Things like getting a biometric screening, completing certain preventive exams, or working with an onsite health coach.

Biometric screening

When you get your biometric screening at the ParTNers Center, you earn $50 in wellness program incentives. Be sure to set up your online account with Quest (using registration key: SOT) and download the physician screening form to take to your appointment.

But that’s not all! Our providers will review your biometrics results with you. If we think you might benefit from working with an onsite health coach, we’ll connect you. (You can earn incentives for working with a health coach, too! Keep reading.)

If at least three of your biometric screening results fall into the “healthy” range, you can earn additional incentive dollars. Check out the incentive table for details.

Preventive exams

You can earn $50 in wellness incentives for getting one of the specified preventive exams.

The ParTNers Center can provide the following in-office exams:

  • Colon cancer screening: fecal occult test-blood (age 50-75)

  • Cervical cancer/HPV screening (females 21-65)

  • Prostate cancer screening/PSA (males 55-69)

  • We can also assist with referrals for:

  • Breast cancer screening: mammogram, breast MRI (females 40-75)

  • Colon cancer screening: colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy (age 50-75)

In-person wellness coaching

Need a little help kickstarting some lifestyle changes — or getting to the next level? The onsite health coaches, Nicole and Courtney, are here for you. The incentive for working with one of the onsite health coaches is the same as for telephonic coaching. See the incentive table for details.

All the providers at the ParTNers Center are excited about the wellness program. We’re ready to help you take steps toward better health and put some cash in your pocket at the same time! Call for an appointment today at 615-741-1709.


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