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Let us be your primary care provider

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

If you’re generally healthy, seeing a doctor may only cross your mind if you get sick. When that happens, the ParTNers Health & Wellness Center in the Tennessee Tower is a convenient option. But did you know the ParTNers Center can serve as your primary care provider?

If you don’t have a PCP or if you’re thinking about making a change, consider one of our board-certified family nurse practitioners, Dave Flecksteiner, BS, MS, MSN, FNP-BC, or Cathy Spencer, BSN, MSN, FNP-BC. Both are accepting patients who need a PCP.

Studies show that people who have a PCP are happier with their health care than people who don’t. But that's not the only advantage of having a PCP.


People who have a PCP tend to:

  • Be happier with their health care

  • Catch problems early, before they become severe

  • Spend less time in the hospital

  • Spend less money on medical expenses

  • Have better overall health and wellness


A key part of a PCP’s job is to get to know you and develop a relationship with you. A PCP treats you when you’re feeling under the weather or suffer a minor injury. A PCP also provides care to help you stay healthy, including:

  • Annual physicals and biometric screenings

  • Labs/blood work

  • Preventive care screenings and referrals

  • Vaccinations

  • Help with chronic conditions

  • Coordinating care with any specialists you see

  • Health coaching

  • Basic women’s care including Pap smears

  • Behavioral health care/counseling

Here’s a bonus: As your PCP, ParTNers Center staff can help ensure you earn your 2022 wellness incentives. They know how the Partners for Health/ActiveHealth wellness program works, and can walk you through the steps you need to take to earn incentives.

As a reminder, your 2022 plan year wellness incentives include a cash reward for getting:

  • A physical

  • A biometric screening

  • Certain preventive screenings recommended by your provider (mammogram, colonoscopy, pap smear, etc.)

  • Disease and lifestyle coaching

Remember, most preventive care services are 100% covered by your state health plan with no out-of-pocket costs. Call the ParTNers Center at 615-741-1709 today.

Sources: Reuters, Cleveland Clinic


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