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Schedule your annual physical today

Chris Aliviado

In the midst of a global pandemic, it may be tempting to put preventive care screenings, like an annual physical, on hold. But the reasons for getting one — every single year! — still hold true.

And the ParTNers Center is here to help. We can conduct your physical with biometrics with the highest safety protocols.

5 reasons to get a physical … now!

1. It’s FREE!

Preventive care services, like your annual physical and age-appropriate screenings, are 100% covered by your state health plan. No out-of-pocket costs!

2. A physical helps gauge your risk for health problems.

When you get a physical, your provider will review your (and your family’s) health history. Depending on your risk factors and age, you may need blood work or a preventive screening, like a mammogram or a colonoscopy, to give your provider a closer look.

3. It’s a great starting point for setting goals.

An annual physical is the perfect way to start a conversation with your provider about where you are and where you want to be. It’s an opportunity to discuss any concerns, ask questions and get feedback on your daily lifestyle habits. If you both decide it’s time to strive for a goal, like managing your diabetes, losing a few pounds or starting an exercise routine, you can take advantage of free coaching from ParTNers Center onsite wellness coaches.

4. Screening recommendations change.

You may think you’re up to date on preventive screenings, but recommendations can — and do — change. For example, there are new guidelines for lung cancer screening that you might need to discuss with your provider if you smoke or have ever smoked. You should also make sure you’re current on vaccinations, including pneumonia, shingles and any other boosters your provider recommends.

5. You can earn cash incentives.

Your 2020 plan year wellness incentives include a cash reward for getting a physical. You also earn cash incentives when you get:

  • A biometric screening

  • Certain preventive screenings recommended by your provider (mammogram, colonoscopy, pap smear, etc.)

  • Disease and lifestyle coaching

November 30 is your deadline to earn 2020 cash incentives! Call to schedule your annual physical and biometrics screenings at 615-741-1709.

If you haven’t already unlocked your 2020 wellness incentives by taking the health risk assessment, register and take it by December 31. You can find wellness program information here.


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