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Yes, it’s safe — and smart — to go to the doctor!

Chris Aliviado

The global pandemic continues, and you might think it’s unsafe to seek medical care. Not true! In fact, it’s actually riskier to not see your doctor. Here’s why:

The ParTNers Center has safety protocols in place.

We’re handling sick visits — especially COVID-19 illnesses — through telehealth appointments. That means when you come in for a well-patient visit, you won’t run into ill patients. We also have many safety protocols in place, such as sanitizing the waiting room, screening for symptoms as you arrive and limiting the number of people in the office.

Time matters for cancer screenings.

Many cancer screenings were put on hold during the pandemic, according to the American Cancer Society. This was, in part, to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in healthcare settings. It resulted in a substantial decline in cancer diagnoses. That may sound good, except cancer doesn’t wait.

Just because it isn’t diagnosed doesn’t mean it’s not there. And the odds of beating cancer are much higher if you catch it early. That’s why regular screenings are essential.

Annual checkups are a healthy habit.

When you see the doctor every year, he/she can:

  • Review your — and your family’s — health history to determine your potential risk factors

  • Identify problems early, increasing the odds of a good outcome

  • Monitor your existing health issues

  • Check all of your important numbers, like blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and more

  • Ensure you’re up to date on your vaccinations (no, they’re not just for kids!)

While you’re meeting with the doctor, you also can ask any health-related questions you have and learn about ways to improve your health.

Don’t forget the labs!

Bloodwork is one thing that has to be done in person. But it’s a big thing! Bloodwork/labs give your doctor the information he/she needs to treat many health conditions. It also ensures your prescription drugs are doing what they’re meant to do and are at the right levels for you.

You can earn cash incentives.

Your 2021 plan year wellness incentives include a cash reward for getting:

  • A physical

  • A biometric screening

  • Certain preventive screenings recommended by your provider (mammogram, colonoscopy, pap smear, etc.)

  • Disease and lifestyle coaching

Make an appointment today!

Maybe you’ve told yourself that you want to stay away from sick folks. Or maybe you’re putting off your annual exam, so you don’t “overburden the system.” But your health is important, and any conditions you have won’t wait for the pandemic to end.

The ParTNers Center is being proactive in keeping everyone who visits us as safe as possible. We encourage you to be proactive in scheduling any preventive screenings you may be due for. That includes an annual physical, biometric screening, and referrals for mammograms, colonoscopies, and other wellness services.

And remember, most preventive care services are 100% covered by your State health plan with no out-of-pocket costs. Call the ParTNers Center at 615-741-1709 today!

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